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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This and That

1) So, this morning I went on a fantastically long run...I think it's been several months since I've done anything close to the 8.7 miles I ran. If felt good...minus when my foot, around mile 6, decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that it was beyond time to get some new shoes, especially since racing season is finally back (for me at least). Also, both my iPod and heart rate monitor decided to act up at the beginning of my run. Thankfully the monitor got it's act together and figured out that my heart rate was not actually beating 200 beats a minute when I'd only been running for 30 seconds...just in case your curious, I am not in fact a Porsche 911. My iPod was the worst though. It wouldn't play what I wanted, wouldn't let me scroll, and wouldn't keep playing...just annoying. Sometimes I love technology (don't get me wrong, I love love love my iPod and heart monitor ever so much) but it can be so freaking frustrating at times. Seriously, if only we could live simpler lives again, when people ran without all this help and all these gadgets.

ALL that to say, it was good to get out and do a long run. Thank you God for the ability to be active, for the air to breathe to keep me going, and for the wonderful weather that gets me motivated to run.

2) I have taken on the task of updating the bulletin weekly. Let me tell you, that can really mess with your head. I am having to look to stuff happening next week and then someone comes in or calls wanting to talk about something this week, and I can't even being to think what day it is right now! Oy! But I do love doing it. It can such a challenge some weeks, and then other weeks it's a breeze. And since I get to decide what goes on the cover, I get to stretch and grow my creative skills (or lack there of).

Thank you Lord for giving me a job that stretches, challenges, encourages me to grow.

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