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Monday, June 7, 2010

Donut Day Deliciousness!

I must let you all know what doughy goodness Scott and I enjoyed on this wonderful day called Donut Day.

I, after much deliberation, went with the No Name. According to the wedbsite, it raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, rice krispies and peanut butter! De-licious.
Scott went with his favorite, the apple fritter.

However, he did not go with just any old apple fritter, it was the Anything Goes where they basically put whatever other fruit they have lying around into it. It of course had apples, but I think there were some blueberries and mango's and, well, who knows what else. What I do know? It was GOOD!!

Yes, we do know how to celebrate, don't we?


Anonymous said...

does the fritter really have a "?" on it, hope it's icing even though it looks like mustard! :)

Maine Mummy said...

Oh that looks yummy!