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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far this week...

Monday, Scott took me to Edgefield, where we had our first date, to have dinner to celebrate. We were even able to sit at the same booth that we sat at a year ago...yep, cause we are those kinda people. Oh, and I can't forget to tell mention that he wore the exact same outfit (minus the green shirt) that he wore on our date, even the same shoes. Oh my gosh, I love this man! (I wore the same shirt, too, btw). Here we are playing with our food...something we learned about each other on our first date, I think.
Scott's OCD coming out. Something I encourage, though, so it's all good. :)

You are ruining my design!
And seriously, how could I resist this guy sitting across from me,
lookin all good and being so sweet?

A combined artistic effort...
a couple that plays with their food together, definitely stays together...right?

Tuesday, my friend Holli and I ventured out to PIR (Portland International Roadway) to watch Scott cycle in his second race of the season...and my first race to ever see him in. It was SO GREAT and so fun to finally see another little piece of his world, meet people that he's talked about and cheer for him as he sped by (I sure do love the sound of all those bicycle wheels flying by). I also love seeing him in all his cycling's kinda like seeing a guy in uniform - just sayin. :) And on top of everything he did great in the race. He placed really well for someone who has ridden his bike only a handful of times since before his carpel tunnel surgeries back before Christmas. It makes my heart happy seeing him doing something that he loves so much. Who knows, you may see me out there some day...maybe...or maybe I'll just stick to my running.
There he is. In all his cycling gear...and lookin' good.
"Hey hot stuff."

There he is. In all his cycling glory...and kickin' some major rear I might add.
(how nerdy am I that I put an arrow on the picture, haha!)


emmy-pie lovely . . . said...

my husband cycles too! i love that he has this sport he enjoys so much.

napoleon, give me some of you tots!

Kris said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! You have a lovely blog too. I am a foodie!! I shall be back for sure!!!!