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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, I'm a busy girl, but here's a quick update.

Sorry I've been gone for a bit friends. Honest. It kinda eats at me when I can't make time to post even a little bit. But let me tell you, I. Have. Been. Busy. We had VBS at our church, which meant 12 hour days. It also meant over 200 kids every night! It was AWESOME!!

Scott and i also have found a new apartment and are moving into our new 2 bed/2 bath/fireplace/so many new and better things apartment in less than 2 weeks. People, our apartment right now is 575 square feet. This new apartment is 915 square feet. SERIOUSLY!!! And this new place is ours, not mine that Scott moved into. We went and looked together and loved it at just about the same time. It's so great! Plus it's right off the Max line and walking/running distance from our gym. Oh, and it's literally right across the street from the mall. Can't beat that right? Only about 5-10 more minutes to work for me and about 25 minutes less of a drive for Scott when he starts school in the fall. AND now I get to legally change my last name and we finally start using our wedding presents. Almost all of them have been sitting in my parents garage just waiting patiently for the day that they could move into a larger space with us. More on this later.

Let's see, what else...Rachel and I made homemade tortilla's, that was amazingly easy and so FREAKING good! Also, we tried our hands at making sauted Kale. Also very easy and FREAKING good!

So many other things have happened and I want to expand on what I've already mentioned but I have to get back to work. Just wanted to give my readers (who love me, they really love me) encouraged me to post again because (sigh, tear) they missed me. I feel so special.

I leave you with this little tid-bit...yesterday I found a reciept in my couch from 1999. I've only been in possession of this couch since 2006. What does that tell you?

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Christian Traughber said...

Does it mean that your couch is not brand new when you bought it? Or maybe the furniture store just left it there. We really don't know, but if your couch still looks great until now, then it doesn't matter at all. My wife has been busy also decorating our new apartment. And whenever I'm around, I'm helping her fix stuff in our new house.