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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The first weekend of June...

Now that June is over, why not start blogging about it...right?


Friday night my bro got himself hitched. My dad did the wedding, Scott was the "ring bearer" and my sister and I gave her away (her family is all back in the Philippians). It was a lovely little ceremony. Then we had dinner and cake and champagne at Shenanigans at the Red Lion.

Saturday morning/day I accompanied Scott to the Mount Hood Cycling Classic and went along for the ride while he officiated...

About 9 miles into the 90 mile race, these two guys broke away from the pack...and we stared at their rears for the next 4 hours.
Here's Scott doin' his officatin' thang...
and me doin mine...I'm so helpful.
just havin some fun...did you catch the part that we were in the car driving around Mount Hood for 4 and half hours? Actually, it wasn't bad at all. Loved it. Beautiful day, wonderful view, fantastic driving buddy...can't complain.
After the race, we drove home and got all ready for a fun date night out on the town. We started at Noble Rot where we had some yum cheese and wine. We were so hungry and it was so tasty we didn't even have time to click the camera before it was almost gone...oops.
Hey, Scott, look at that beautiful view! And is that basil?
Oh, can you bring us some of that lettuce on your roof? Yep, at Noble Rot, they grow and sell lettuce right from their roof, and they use other fresh grown goodness in dishes on their that place!
awe, ain't we precious...
Then we found a restaurant downtown called Candy that we'd never been to (we love trying new places) and had a lovely dinner as the parade marched by...we'd forgotten about the Starlight parade...which made parking 1) not easy and 2) no where near where we ate) It was a lovely night, we love walking and there were lots of Portland people out and about to watch.
On the walk back to the car we ran across a fun looking gelato coffee shop. We just to go in, ya know, to end our date on a sweet, tasty note. I got this yummy little sandwich cookie (the cookies were from Trader Joes!) and Scott got two scoops of gelato...of which I cannot remember the flavors. Ps. I just remembered that I enjoyed two sandwich cookies, not just one...and the other had chocolate cookies.

And honestly...I can't remember what we did, the mind is already going...we probably slept in...went to church...I bet Scott had a softball game that night...oh sheesh, I'm done trying to remember...

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OK Chick said...

I want to try these places when I come.