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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Racing, more racing, and wait...even more racing.

This last weekend was a long one. But a good one. But a long one. Let's see it all in pictures:

Friday night, Scott raced in the Portland Twilight Criterium...and placed 5th! WAY TO GO BABE!!
My dad and I enjoying the beer garden at the event
Melissa, myself, and my crazy pops
I think that's him
A special prize for 5th place

the proud wife

The tired but happy racer

Saturday we got up bright and early, enjoyed a lovely breakfast then headed to Longview to officiate a day of races, called Longview Grand Prix Criterium.

Out of the mess...

comes blueberry and chocolate chip waffles.

the finished product: waffles, mushroom & fennel focacia bread with goat cheese, turkey bacon and blueberries = yum.

Don't ya love the mint green shirts?

all the computer screens that Scott gets to look at all day.

one of my many (read - few) jobs

Sally and Scott during a lull in the racing

Oh my gosh, check out all those bugs. They came out in full force...thank goodness they didn't bite. Just ultra annoying.

Sunday we watched Jeff do his first Triathlon. Talk about intense and highly crazy. But he made it through and we are so proud of him!
Ready to go!


Waiting for Jeff to get the show on the road

I can see him, can't you? They swim for just a little over 1 mile, I think. There are a lot of flailing elbows and feet, ya gotta be careful or you'll come out with a black eye or a broken rib...just from the swim.

Scott making sure the bike is ready

getting one last swig of water before jumping on the bike for the 57 mile ride.

Let's get rid of this ride and move on to the next and final part of this shin-dig, the half marathon length run.

One last stretch

getting the 13.1 miles started...poor guy...

getting a bit to eat along the way

Giving some encouragement and support

And here he comes, the end is in sight!

there he goes across the finish line (his time was 7 hours and 26 minutes, the time you see is from the start of the first swimmers). Not too shabby AT ALL!

a kiss shared between a proud wife to a tired and accomplished husband

all done and refueling

the matching tattoo's...I really do love this picture

Bein goofy in the car after a very long but very eventful and fun weekend.

Check out all the sun we got. Yikes!

And that's all finally all folks!

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