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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, people, newbies can be cute

Okay, I do generally think that most babies when they are born are cute...I can be one of those people. I do know, however, that there can be a not so cute baby that comes down the pike now and again too.

This little guy?


Oh, and I should probably mention that this sweet little angel is Kekoa (his mom is going to kill me for most likely spelling that wrong) and is our newest little nephew. He belongs to Becky (Scott's sister) and her husband Dustin.

I would like to add that my husband apparently has a gift with babies. We aren't sure what it was that he did exactly, but moments after the picture above was taken, that sweet little boy (who hadn't peed since arriving in this world not even 24 hours earlier) finally let out a good warm stream...all the way through his diaper, the onesie, AND the blanket and right onto Scott's shirt. Greatest moment ever. Not gonna lie. Sorry babe, but it's true. (Love you!)

He'd just gotten done telling us all in the room how Dakota (Becky's son, who's 12) never peed on him and that he knows all the tricks to the trade of changing diapers. I guess Kekoa wanted to show Scott that it doesn't always come during diaper changing time...and probably wanted to show Scott who really was going to be boss here, no matter the age. Poor Scott.


Kelly T said...

Oh my, he really is a very pretty baby!! How sweet! Congrats, auntie! (And very funny story, too)

Oregon007 said...

Not funny at all!

Tabs said...

Hey Oregon007, you do realize that you really are the more knowledgeable one when it comes to babies, right? You will have to teach me all the tricks of the trade some day, seeing as how I've changed, mmmm, MAYBE 5 diapers in my life time. That will be perfectly primed time for you to get back at me for this blog post...just sayin...

love you :)