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Monday, September 27, 2010

I love when I ...

1... bite into a wedge from one of these little cuties to find that they are in fact seedless. Yay and phew!2... buy my husband and I each our own bunch of banana's (can you guess who's bunch is who's?)
3. discover new yummy yogurt (especially LOVE it when it's from a local dairy)
4a... get to look at this lovely view...4b.... from this fun little place...4c... while enjoying the last of the smoked salmon for the season (well, at least that is what our waitress informed us)...4d... with this wonderful guy...4e... and a tasty drink.4. get to wind down the weekend enjoying a dinner that is delicious AND nutritious (spaghetti squash with ground turkey, asparagus and mushroom spaghetti sauce).
5. get to dry the dishes while Scott washes them. Time in the small confines of a kitchen always makes for great conversation...and teasing. (but not picture taking)

Speaking of picture taking. I REALLY love when I hang out with great friends and enjoy great wine, food and conversation and then forget to take any pictures... (sense the sarcasm much?)

What is that all about?

Yeah, well, I really gotta work on that. (Sorry Beks! Sorry Dawn!)

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