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Monday, October 11, 2010

Odds and ends...and random facts.

A while back, Scott had orientation for school. He was sweet enough to ask if I wanted to go and I figured I could tag along as the supportive wife and learn all about what my husband would be busy doing for the next year and a half, check out his campus, meet a few of his prof's and classmates...and get full off the free dinner and cookies. ;)
Yep, that's me, "the wife." Notice the screen behind me? Yep, that's "the wife" sitting at the FRONT of the room...not a good place for an avid class talking/texting/easily distracted/bored girl. Thankfully they asked us to move before they started the "orientation" part of the evening. Phew...close call. That was my cue to gracefully bowed out, "go to the bathrom" and scoped out the campus...had to find out where all the cool kids were hangin' so I could inform the hubby.

I melted a tablespoon in the dishwasher. I loved that tablespoon. It's been with me a long time. I'll miss you, little friend. Thanks for taking care of me so well over the years. And I even more recently melted a steamer insert (one of those silicone kinds) the pot...while steaming an artichoke...I don't think I'll do it that way again. I know, I know, it wasn't the artichokes fault. It was mine. I wasn't paying attention...that never happens to anyone else does it?

Went to the Portland Farmers market with these rockin girls. We all picked up some goodies to take home. Beks and I shared an oh so yummy bowl of veggie curry over brown rice with yogurt. It was such a lovely time on such a lovely fall day.

Scott tried to see how many grapes he could get into his mouth. I wish we had counted but we forgot until after they were all in there and I really didn't want that job. Not gonna lie, got a little worried there at the end, just for a second. But he shoved and smooshed quite a few in there and didn't choke on a single one. Good job babe, I'm so proud of your accomplishements.

Most weekday mornings, Scott and I head to the gym to do some cardio and weights. It's one of our favorite times together. I find him to be a great motivator, encourager, enforcer, and on occasion, distraction (of the best variety). We also have had some great discussions at the gym. While at the gym, counting down sets and reps, I'm dreaming of breakfast and what I'm gonna add to my oats when I get home. I'd like to think that Scott is just dreaming of me...buuuut he's probably thinking of the reps and sets, or maybe his breakfast, too, since he does enjoy his overnight oats just like I do.

Anyway, a typical weekday breakfast looks like this (a his/hers version)His oats made with dark chocolate almond milk topped with dark chocolate chips and banana's (there may even be some chocolate hazelnut butter hiding down there somewhere). What can I say, I married me a chocolate lover. And my bowl of oats made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, mixed with cottage cheese, walnuts, banana & chai seeds.

His looks way better than mine, but mine is all mixed up...and I do think it tastes delish! I have to face facts, though, mine never looks pretty. Sure is a good thing I'm not really a food blogger. :)

And last but not least...the random facts section of this post.

Last night Scott and I were watching this show on Discovery called LIFE. That is actually a really cool show...despite the fact that Oprah narrates...but that is just me, not a huge fan. Anywho...I thought I would share one of the birds we learned about with you.

The lammergeier. It is one of the largest birds on our planet and has such a large wing span it hardly ever has to flap it's wings, it can just glide for miles and miles. Now, the thing that caught my eye was the birds food of choice. This bird eats bones. Well, it wants the marrow from the bones but to get that it has to eat the bone itself. And by eat, I mean swallow...HUGE pieces...there was ZERO chewing going on. But, when I stop to think about, I suppose all birds just swallow and let their stomach do the job it was created to do. Yeah, sometimes I'm not so bright. The thing that that Oprah told us about this bird? It's stomach acid is 10 times more corrosive than battery fluid. They are made this way precisely to be able to get the bone marrow from the bone. Isn't that the craziest thing? It's things like this, shows like LIFE, that make me wonder how people don't believe in God the creator and giver of life.

Also, on another LIFE episode we watched, we learned that there is a lizard that is commonly referred to as the Jesus Christ lizard. It's the Common Basilisk. It runs across the water to flee predators and can do this by flaring out it's hind feet. Watch him run across the water. It's crazy!
Phew, that's all I got today.

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Kelly T said...

Don't feel too bad about melting the tablespoon. At least it wasn't doing something really brainless like using a rubber spatula to stir hot, melting chocolate on the stove, and then the whole time you're covering your peanut butter balls with said chocolate you're wondering what in the world the white specks are in your chocolate. Yeah... I don't know who would do something that ridiculous.