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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh how I love chocolate!

And last night I needed a fix. Read about these great little red velvet chocolate chip cookies over on Jessica's blog, then read about Rachel making them on her blog...I think it was the Lord leading me to make these incredibly easy and incredibly delicious cookies. I'm hoping they'll be a hit at the beach this weekend, but I don't see how they won't be...especially if I'm there.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the process with the in-between moments:

There's my dinner I tried to eat while making these delicious cookies. I was hoping it would help curb my appetite and keep my fingers from eating all the dough and then eating all the cookies when they were done baking. Yeah, didn't work...but I tried.

Oh yes, I definitely watch my cookies bake in the oven. You know you do it too.
Man down!!! 2 men down, actually!
Guess I'll just have to eat these...ya know, so they don't feel bad.

And there we go, the finish and final product. They don't look too red...oh well, they still taste dang good! And less chemicals, right? Anyway, I think I ate about 4 of these, two right off the cookie sheet and, just like everyone else who has made these, burnt my tongue on their chocolaty hot gooey goodness.

Oh, and you may notice I sprinkled some salt on a few of the cookies when I put them in to bake...DELICIOUS!


Rachel Wilkerson said...

Your mixer is GORGEOUS!!!

(The cookies look good too!)

OK Chick said...

Those look good!!!

We'll be in town very soon...maybe the weekend of MLK.