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Monday, January 23, 2006

What a great weekend!!

Well, this weekend was quite amazing. I was able to hear Steve Saint speak 3 times, saw the movie that is based on his and Mincaye's story (it was very good), and got into the book that he wrote. I, like Stu, feel like I'm totally immersing myself in this great story.

Anyway, I went to the service at Good Shepherd Saturday night with my parents along with about 1700 other people from the area. It was PACKED!! There were people standing along the walls and sitting out in the foyer. Then I high-tailed it out to New Hope where they were having Missions Fest to meet up with Kristin and hear Steve talk again. It was packed there too. People were standing in every doorway. Thankfully Kristin had an extra seat just for me. That was a great time. I got to hear Travis Vice lead a couple of worship songs, Rescue sang(I haven't heard them in so long, they are good!) and then it was time for Steve to talk. He shared about how he is equipping the the Waodani people with the knowledge and the instruments to fly their own "planes" and do dental work on people in their area. Mincaye said he wanted them to be able to fix the peoples hearts as they fix their teeth. Wow! Talk about an amazing heart! It was powerful stuff! Then Kristin and I decided we would get to church on Sunday before the early service to see if we could get Steve to sign our books but when we got there we were told they weren't going to be signing. Steve and Mincaye were exhausted (a month of traveling around the country can get a bit tiring I imagine) and the church wanted them to feel comfortable and relaxed here. I was kind of disappointed but also completely understood. Since I was already at church I decided I would go ahead and stay for the service and I'm so glad I did because every time I heard Steve speak he always shared something new and different. Then when Steve, Mincaye and Randy Alcorn (Randy was sort of interviewing him up on stage) were almost done Randy announced that Steve would indeed be in the back signing books following the service. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy I had stayed. And he even signed my book Tabs. How fun is that! Here are Kristin and I with out signed books. We know, we're dorks, but we love it!

And can I just say that I love the book. It is so very good. I just love the way Steve writes. He totally lets you right into his head, his heart, and his life. He writes whats on his mind and shares his story without trying to make it some huge genius work of literature. It's simple and to the point and very easy to get into and follow. I very much recomend it as the next book you buy.

Also, the story is so amazing. You don't have to read this book, but read one of the others that has been written about these five guys story. Elizabeth Elliot has written some and I think some of the other wives as well. I have so many thoughts on this but I can't seem to make them all make sense and I can't get them out to share with you at the moment cause I just don't have the time right now. But I will share one of the things that I learned from this (there are many, but I'll only share one). God has a plan and it's perfect. He doesn't make mistakes. As crazy as it might seem, His plan was for these 5 guys to die by the spears of the Waodani. Things would not have happened the same if it had not happened just like it did. And so many people have been changed and will be changed because of this event. God will use ordinary people to do extraordinary things in His name, even if they don't realize it at the time. He has us where we are, doing what we are doing or dealing with what we are dealing with for a reason, and that is one amazing reason so why should we mess with it. But I know this is stuff that most of you know and I did to but it was just brought back to my attention in light of this weekend and I think it's something I have to constantly be reminded of because it's so easy to feel sorry about where I am or where I'm not and throw myself a pity party. We just have to remind outselves that His plan is perfect and we have to surrender to that and "follow his trail." I hope all that made sense, sometimes it's hard for me to make my thoughts work outside my head.

I'll end on this thought that I had this morning while getting ready for the day. Mincaye is getting pretty old and will die someday, maybe even soon. That is a sad thought becuase he is the sweetest man to walk this earth. However, it isn't sad when you think about the amaxing homecoming he is going to have when he gets to heaven. And I just bet (and this was the thought I had this morning) that Nate Saint will be one of the first people that welcomes him home with a great big hug (probably followed by Ed Mcully, Roger Youderin, Jim Elliot, and Pete Flemming). Gives me chills.

Well, I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Oh, I almost forgot, I also saw an old friend who some of you might recognize. I had to get a picture with him just to document that I actually saw him. Josh, we've missed you, come around more often please! :)

This was going to be a short post, oops :)

25 more days! :)


Rakel said...

Thanks was a GREAT weekend and I am not sure where to to process ...I just want to praise GOD for it all...can you imagine what heaven will be like??? Thanks Tabs for sharing in such a detail...oh yes, I got my book signed also...I think I will talk about that later on check my blog in a while

Krista said... all the years I've known you I've never known you to keep things short and simple. haha. Your long blogs crack me up. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Glad you had a good weekend!

Tabs said...

Seriously, my dad got onto me last night. Said that he could never get to write my research papers for high school or college but I can't shut up when it comes to blogging. I told him that it's different. I like blogging. :) Let me know what you think of the movie.