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Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Sophia

I hope Roxy doesn't mind but these were just too cute and I had to share them with everyone (and by everyone, I refer to those that I know that don't know Rox so therefore miss the wonderful pictures of this sweet little girl and her mommy). Anyway, here are a few pictures of little Sophia doing a few things that little babies do. :)
Here she is showing how well she is learning to sit up all on her own. I also chose this picture cause I can really see her mom in her face. It's so fun to see my friends faces in their children (does that make sense?)

And my favorite picture.... (I can really see Rox in this face...just kidding) :)

Well, hope everyone has a great day!!



Lori Bell said...

Baby Sophia is so cute! I still can't believe Rox has a baby, no matter how many times I see pictures of her!

Carrie-Margaret said...

What a cute baby!!! the last pic awe.. poor sweet baby!!
i hope your doing well T! sounds like you are hun. i'll hopefully get a moment to call you to set up a time where we can chill!
i gotta go for now however.. but i love ya & God bless ya always!! ><>

christi geick said...

hi tabbers! it's me, christi. if you don't remember me, then i guess i'll be some freaky stranger... also, i can't remember if i left you a comment the last time i was reading this. anyway, i just wanted to say that roxanna's baby is sooo cute! :)


Jenn said...

Tabs, you're not supposed to pinch babies to make them cry just for a cute picture! ;-)

Tabs said...

Hi Christ Geick! Talk about a blast from the past. Long time no talk to. Please email me at and let me know how things are going with you girl! Thanks for commenting and I can't wait to hear from ya!

Krista said...

I just wanted to say hello to Christi as well. It really has been a long time. See how the internet just brings us all together! haha.

Sean said...

That, my friend, is one ticked off Baby! LOL... Thanks for the great pics.. Have a great day!

Roxanna said...

Hi Christi, Lori, Tabs, and Krista! Lambda sisters! I guess that makes you all Sophie's Lambda aunts! Sophie wishes she could meet you (pull your earrings and chew on your hair). Love you!
Sophie's mama