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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A wonderful Valentines Day for me!!

Well, look at what I found in my office when I walked in this morning:

Actually, just the big, colorful bag was sitting on my desk (which is an early birthday present from my dear friend Carolyne Sharpe. Love you!) and then my mom and Kathy Anderson, a family friend, came by and dropped off the balloon, flower, little bag of yummy goodies and a card (which was actually from my parents. Love you, too!!). So, what a great way to start the morning, huh? Anyone else want to share their Valentine's Day stories? I'd love to hear them!

Following are a few pictures from a night out with the girls last Thursday.

Here are a few pictures from Holli's and my shared birthday dinner and our oh so yumtastic cake!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tabs -
Love your blog! Great info, and your pictures ROCK! However, where are our luncheon pictures? Those would make your blog the best ever!
Just a thought. . .
Love you,