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Friday, May 4, 2007

"Laugh and Sniff"

Well, last night My Name Is Earl took tv viewing to new heights. They promoed last nights episode as "A Special Laugh 'n Sniff Episode." That totally peaked my curiousity so I went straight out and bought this weeks copy of TV Guide, which had an insert that you ripped out to use while you watched the show. There were 6 bubbles, 3 on one side and three on the other, that were numbered. When you saw a number pop up on the screen during the course of the 30 minute episode you would locate the bubble on your sheet and well, scratch and sniff. It was so fun! It was like we were part of the show or something. Not only that but they also paid homage to the movie Rudy (which is such an amazing movie!). They brought in some of the movies original cast members in it Sean Astin (Rudy himself), Charles S. Dutton (Fortune), and Chelcie Ross (Dan Devine) and even used lines from the movie. It was great! Way to go Kristin for catching that.

The front...
and the back (and Bekah demonstrating what we had to do during the show)

The 6 bubble smells were as follows:
1: laundry detergent
2: oreo's (not a great scratch 'n sniff smell)
3: cinnamen (we actually missed this one and Linda had to tell me this morning what it was)
4: I can't remember this one (did anyone else watch it? Do you know what this smell was?)
5: new car smell
6: bad collogne (they made us smell this one several times, whenever Sean Astin was on tv actually)

Scratching the bubble (Beks is very intently reading the very TV Guide the scratch 'n sniff sheet came out of)
smelling the bubble.
Kristin and Beks entertaining themselves during the oh so boring and long commercial breaks.
Kristin, Beks and I crammed on my little couch

My new favorite picture of Bekah (being her cool, bad self chillaxin' at my apt).


Bekah said...

that was a very detailed account of our evening. well done! basically, we're big nerds!!... but i'm ok with it.

ruthie said...

Absolutely delightful nerds!! I wouldn't want you to be any other way.

MartinsRus said... this what you do for entertainment? You girls are just way too fun.