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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the bag ladies of Good Shepherd

First, let me show the most wonderful, comfy, funky looking shoes. I'm sure you've already seen them on all sorts of other peoples feet but now they are on mine and I can attest to their comfy warmth. They may look funny but let me tell you, my feet are toasty warm!
Sam and Karl got me these for Christmas and I LOVE them!! Thanks guys!!
Okay, on to the reason for this post.

No more bad plastic bags that just fill up landfills and are not good for the environment.

Now, the bag below is not a bad bag to use, it IS much better than the one Linda is holding in the picture above. However, it is not as fun, funky and fabulous as THIS ONE that Linda is filling up with your oh so tasty lunch...
So stinkin cute!

And here is another great bag that Linda and I both bought from the Reusable Bags website. It is for your groceries.It's just great cause not only is it adorable, it is made with super durable material and has a long enough strap to go over your shoulder. Oh and the other GREAT thing about this bag is that it comes in a little pouch that can clip into your purse so you always have it on the ready when you are out and about.

Seriously, you should visit the site, they have tons of great stuff that is good for the environment, all sorts of other bags and water bottles and even clothes for working out or whatever. It's great! Check out this cute bag, or this one that is made by a co-op of women in the Philippines using recycled juice boxes.

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OK Chick said...

SO I have this same lunch box. We really are the same. HA!