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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Lent is here folks. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the lent season...which is the 40 days until Easter (which does not include the Sunday's in between now and then, so it's really more like 46 days).

So, in honor of the Lent season I have decided to give up my precious morning coffee. No more coffee for me and hopefully I'll use those coffee urges to be reminded of who the Lord is, how GREAT He is, and what a great sacrifice He made for us.

I should also say (confess, maybe?) that this means that I will be drinking more tea, which is better for me anyways. :)

So, good bye yummy black coffee...

...hello hot tea...

and my new friends...

Are any of you out there giving up anything for Lent?

Oh, I should also mention that my birthday is in just 11 days. YAY FOR BIRTHDAYS!


Ruthie said...

I was just thinking this morning,"hey I haven't heard Tabs mention her birthday yet" then ta-da I read your blog and realized how silly of me to think you had forgotten to start the countdown.

Krista said...

Oh...the countdown. I, too, am surprised that it didn't start sooner. haha.