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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh the fun we have at work

The other day we had a ton of junk, I mean stuff, in our main office (aka. my office) that just had to go. I mean, we had a teeny-tiny walk way that Ryan, Kristin, and Blake had to scoot through to get from the door of the office back to their offices. It was just crazy. Now as usual, I didn't get a great picture of how the office looked before we started but here is one that is close enough. And picture a huge blue wrestling type mat leaning up against it all...I looked at that blue mat for a week...why? I do not know.

And here are some fun times we had while cleaning. We found some interesting things among the "stuff."

And then here is the office when it was all done. Yay, clean again! :)


kristin said...

who's the mom in the striped sweater?

Mare said...

Hey Tabs,
I just commented on your Jan 15th post on singing...please read. It was nice to chat with you and Carrie on Saturday. It's been a while since you and I have talked...we should do it more often. It was good to see Kristin too as I haven't talked to her in a while also. Have a good rest of the week!