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Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun times in the office

Ryan came in today (I know, a rarity on a Friday) and brought his little girls with him. Aren't they adorable? Oh my goodness, we just couldn't get enough. They sat and watched The Incredibles. Well, Ashlynn watched the movie while Lorelai (aka lie lie) moved around giving me her juice cup then asking for it back then giving it back to me to hold, then playing with "duckie" - the little stuffed turtle that sits on my desk. Let me just say that it very much brightened up my otherwise not so exciting Friday morning. I told Ryan this needs to become our Friday ritual.

Aren't they just the cutest little girls? Look at those curls and those smiles. When I asked them to smile for the camera they would both say cheese...their parents have taught them well.

And this was adorable. Ashlynn asked her daddy to come sit on the couch with her...SO CUTE!
yum, tasty juice cup.

Oh, and the DUNES sweatshirts came in today. We have boys hoodies and girl hoodies. I didn't get a picture of the boys (hello, I'm a girl so I don't really care...just kidding of course) but here are Linda S. and myself sporting the sweet girls sweatshirts. I like them cause they are light and can be worn in on cool summer nights or under a jacket on cold winter days. Very versital...and cool, can't beat that combo. Oh, and they say "stay strong." John Lewis did the graphic design, he is pretty much amazing.


The Anders said...

I am so jealous! We never had Dunes memorabilia like that, send me one Tabs! Hey glad to see you are doing great and that you are your amazing self. Miss you! Give me a call sometime!

Bekah said...

2 things: i have that sweatshirt, minus logo! good old dad works for the Southwicks and gets SWEET hook ups.. and does K's door say "janitor" or are you standing somewhere else in the building?

kristin said...

it's funny that you say that beks ... i've actually been contemplating asking my dad about picking up some hours with his company to finance my home decor needs ... in which case, yes, i would be a janitor once again. but in the pic, tabs and linda are standing by the front office. you DO need to make a pilgrimmage back to gshep.