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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The apartment is coming along

Here is our apartment in a much better state than you're used to...not sure what was up with my camera making it yellow but oh well (I kinda like the fun yellowy romantic look it gives our place). (I'm probably the only one that thinks that. I don't really care, it's my apartment and my camera and my pictures...I can think what I want. Um...anyway, here ya go.

Our larger than life living room (feels that way to me anyway)

To get the above living room shot to be as beautiful as it is (ha!), the bikes had to leave their lovely sanctuary in front of the fireplace and take up residence in the hall for a minute. Bicycles are such funny things...I am finding them to be rather endearing. (the fan had to move too)

Another shot of the living room...because I just couldn't get it all in on the first go around.

Ah...hi kitchen...I love you...and your beautiful black counter tops and all your many drawers and make me smile...

Oh, the dining "room" (or area, whatever). I love this little space too. We've actually been able to have dinner at that cute little table. I never really had a dinner table at my old place. We (I) ate on the couch. In front of the tv. Not anymore people, not. any. often...

Just sayin...

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